CodeKen 2011

CodeKen 2011 was an incredible event. Bootstrapped from the ashes of DevDays, a hundred passionate developers came to hear from knowledgeable and inspiring speakers. We captured most of the talks on video and will publish the videos here as they become available.

Here's a reminder of some of the people we had speaking at CodeKen 2011.

Jon Skeet / @jonskeet / / SO Profile

Coding Style

Jon Skeet is user 22656 on Stack Overflow, where he tends to post about C# and Java. If you want to attract his attention, post a question pointing out a situation where a C# program doesn’t behave in an expected way. Please don’t do so shortly before this talk though, as he’ll be very distracted. In terms of coding-for-money, Jon is a software engineer at Google’s London office, currently working on the Google Offers project. He speaks in a personal capacity, however, except to say that Google is hiring, and any CVs should be sent directly to him.

Tom Wright / SO Profile

Science - Sensory Substitution

Tom was a self-proclaimed outsider to the group. One of a few people at the event who were focused on the world of acedemia rather than coding for a profession. His presentation on sensory substitution devices was entertaining and full of interesting insights. After performing a short experiment on two developers from the audience Tom went on to explain the technical challenges he had overcome in his current research project.

Julian Browne / @julianbrowne / / SO Profile


Julian is Chief Architect at Equal Experts, a convivial services and consulting company that blends XP engineering practices with pragmatic designs. Despite longstanding frustrations with architecture practices in large companies, he finds his CV is full of architecture roles in large companies, mostly in the mobile and investment banking sectors. His mission in life is to make enterprise architecture the basis for developers to just make the magic happen. He codes and has never seen an ivory tower, let alone been up one.

Daniel Chaffiol / @VonC_ / / SO Profile


Daniel Chaffiol is a “Development Architect”, meaning that he deals with development tools choice, infrastructure, setups and overall support. He is working directly with the developers of various departments of large investment banking companies, making sure they can focus on what they need to build, not on how their tools are supposed to work. That also means the “architect” part of his job is very much done in collaboration with the developers, and involve a great deal of listening.

Michael Barker / @mikeb2701 / / SO Profile


Michael Barker is a lead developer at London Multi-Asset eXchange (LMAX) where he spends most of his time scratching his head while thinking about simpler and faster solutions. Intermingled with traveling to various countries around the world, Michael’s 10+ years of experience has been spent battling unnecessary complexity across a variety of industries and in whatever technology that happens to have been hurled in his direction.  Michael is also a sporadic Open Source contributor having dropped patches into a number of OSS projects.

Richard Marr / @richmarr / / SO Profile


A committed generalist, Richard has worked with many major technologies, but the one recurring theme has been Javascript, all the way from the DHTML days to Node.js. Having recently left the world of search technology, Richard works as a freelance software consultant, and amongst other things organises the London Open Source Search Social.


Robert Pickering /@robertpi / / SO Profile


Robert is a fun loving programmer who claims that he is Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints. He enjoys traveling round Europe in a big shirt trying to teach people that real programmers use the stack. Robert is a big fan of functional programming and F#. He works for the ultra cool French consultancy Infinite Square and he lives in a quaint French village near Paris with his wife and their three cats. He is considering writing a book about life in France as a programmer, it would probably sell a lot more that his last effort, “Beginning F#”.

Sean Reilly / @seanjreilly / Google Plus  


Sean Reilly has been a professional software developer since 1997. While he remembers the bad old days of IIS 2, he primarily has experience in Java and C# web application development. With 4 years of strong Agile/XP experience and counting, Sean's current focus is building lightweight, minimalist, yet reliable web platforms for business, with a strong focus on automated testing, refactoring, and continuous integration and deployment. He is currently a software developer and consultant for Equal Experts Ltd.

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